About Matthias Schinnerl

Self portrait Matthias Schinnerl
Self portrait Matthias Schinnerl

Matthias Schinnerl, born in 1987 in Steyr, Austria, is a versatile photographic artist whose works highlight social issues. Although his professional career began as a qualified electrical engineer, he found his passion for photography.


His pursuit of photographic excellence led Matthias to attend the Prague Photography College of Austria, where he was able to perfect his craft and develop his artistic voice. It was there that he discovered his penchant for conceptual photography, which continues to inform his work today.


What sets Matthias Schinnerl apart from many other photographers is his ability to address social issues in his work. His photographs are often critical reflections on the world around us. They invite the viewer to engage with important issues and discover new perspectives.


The works are presented in various exhibitions at home and abroad. 

Matthias Schinnerl is a member of the Photographic Society of Upper Austria.