BLACK Friday

Newer, better, bigger!

With good marketing, large retail groups try to convince us to buy their products. Often they convey success, glamor, exclusivity with their products. For many people, the retail groups are successful.


I ask myself whether we all really need these products. Sure, when the smartphone breaks, a new one is needed. But often I have the feeling that we need a new one just because it's newer and has a few improved features. Or is it about demonstrating something to ourselves and belonging to that elite circle? Isn't it a constant competition? The most and most expensive toys, the best and most expensive smartphone, the most luxurious and beautiful car, the biggest swimming pool, ...


In my photo project BLACK Friday, I took portraits of people after shopping. I wanted to find out how people react to discounts and promotions. 


Matthias Schinnerl, Winter 2022